Time traveller

Yesterday I was reading about time travelling. This morning when I woke up, I saw the clouds outside the window and every time I stared at them for a while they froze and stopped moving. Was it an optical illusion or was my mind still stuck in time travelling readings? The next night I find […]

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Family table 1

Family table; my father and I side by side. Silence. Silence. More silent than silence. Absolute, fucking, impenetrable silence. Bent heads. The looks pinned on the plates in front of us. What the fuck are we looking for inside the bottoms of the plates? All the things we don’t talk about. All the things he […]

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Gib mir ein Wort und ich werde für dich eine Geschichte schreiben

Nur einmal im Jahr hatte er die Gelegenheit sich mit anderen seiner Art zu treffen. Zusammen mit anderen Lehrern, die auch in Schulen, aus einem einzigen Raum entstandene Gebäude, die nur über wenige Schülern verfügten. Dieser Tag war besonders wichtig, zumindest für Carsten selbst.   Ein großes Fest. So empfand er diesen Tag. Ein Tanz, wo […]

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Cheesy eloquent

So, my whole life I was occupied with language – actually with more than one. Considering that I am still pretty young, I should correct myself and take back that grandiose “my whole life” – if I don’t I’ll probably get accused for being nothing more than a small exaggerator (or babbler if you prefer). […]

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About “specific talking”

It always was strange to me bringing it to the point; at least the way they fancy, bringing it to the point. When people start a conversation, aiming to reach the final crux, this very decisive point, while actually raking slowly up parts of its final ending. Strange is this feeling, when knowing, that there […]

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